4 Secrets to Arrange a Fun Wedding Reception


An increasing number of couples are challenging the outdated wedding traditions in favor of more personalized celebrations. While your wedding ceremony is both special and important, receptions are what your guests will look forward to the most. After all, who does not want to eat, drink and dance the night long, right? So, if you want to make your reception the most talked about occasion in the town, make sure to incorporate some fun and unique touches that will keep your guests happy. For a total of 100 people a small wedding reception venues Melbourne can accommodate them.

There are certain important details that you would need to run your head through for making your reception a grand success. Some of it would include choosing the right location and then there are matters like decoration, catering, and entertainment that would need your attention. So, quickly research and shortlist a few private venues that will cater to the aforementioned services, all under one roof. And you need not worry, as there are plenty of Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Houston TX, so budget wedding is also not an issue when it comes to reception halls.

Now that you know about the venue, you can look into a few ideas that will liven up your wedding reception and also make it an unforgettable event for days to come. Take a look.

Organizing the Reception Area Thoughtfully

While organizing your reception area, one of the foremost things to consider is the movement of your guests, when planning the table layout. Some of the best parties usually include lots of dancing, with mini-breaks for mingling and snacking. Therefore, when selecting the table layout, it would be convenient to talk with the concerned team in hand. You can ask them to divide your reception into separate areas for dancing, drinks, and mingling. Cocktail tables can be added by the bar for smaller groups to gather. You can also opt for outdoor setting which would consist of a table of desserts and drinks. This option can be particularly popular for those who stay late in the evening.

Decorating the Hall in Style

The decoration is another key factor that will enhance your wedding reception.  You can either keep it formal and elegant by draping the ceilings with a white fabric or if you are after a fun vibe, opt for a bright color like red and pink. But don’t just limit yourself to two colors. From adding neutral or metallic colors to choosing prominent colors like blue and violet amongst others, let your imagination run wild.   By choosing, either way, you can play around with the décor of your table accordingly and still get the decked up reception look.

Rethinking Dinner

Wedding food does not necessarily have to consist of the typical three-course menu of a salad, an entrée, and a dessert.  Instead, you can stretch out dinner over four or five smaller courses. Ask yourself what you want to eat- both as a wedding guest and in general. Love dim sum or spaghetti Bolognese? Chances are that caterers of your Wedding reception venue in Houston TX can find elegant and creative ways to serve it to the crowd. Therefore, thinking beyond the three-course menu will guarantee to give your guests a memorable dining experience.

Planning Surprise Entertainment

Sometimes, the best parts of a reception are what guests don’t see it coming. Having said that, you can ask the concerned team to arrange for some unexpected entertainment during the cocktail hour or reception like a mariachi band, or planning a firework display. Planning such kind of entertainments can be both engaging and entertaining for people of all age groups. Thus, now that you know what it takes to have a fun wedding reception, what are you waiting for? Book any one of the reception halls in Houston TX and have a memorable reception.

Author Bio: Emily Smith is a famous blogger and is associated with renowned Inexpensive and Wedding reception venues in Houston TX. Here, she writes about the ideas for making wedding receptions fun when opting for reception halls in Houston TX.