All About Infrared Gas BBQ Grill Technology – Grilling and Maintenance


The infrared grill was discovered due to the brilliance of the technology that was applied to infrared gas burners to dry paint. The genius behind this discovery was Bill Best – founder of TEC gas grills and the one responsible for the patent that was placed on the first infrared gas burner in 1961. This was a ground breaking discovery that resulted in lots of energy being saved in the world of industrial heaters. Once the technology was applied to the Tec Air Radiant Oven, Radiant Wall oven and Turbulator Oven thousands of people began to see just how effective infrared heat was in drying paint and it was applied to cars and a whole list of other things needing intense, instant heat. The effective bbq events catering depends on the taste that being served. The experience cannot be replace by any amount of time you spent for bbq events.

It was after the grand breakthrough in industrial heaters that the infrared grill gained life and once again a lot of attention was focused around Bill Best. The discovery of the new invention was more of a chance event than something that was planned. Best changed one of the grills he always used by placing a ceramic infrared burner in it and this was how infrared grilling was invented. Of all the scientists and great inventors of the time, Best was the first to notice that the radiant heat applied to a infrared grill had the capacity to cook food without causing it to become dry and unappealing as many gas grills do.

The infrared radiation that is produced with pressurized propane or natural gas is the leading advantage that an infrared grill has over many other grills. Infrared grills are far hotter than any traditional grill and thus give the homeowner the flexibility of having a quick, succulent barbeque without having to keep an eye on what is happening every 10 minutes.

Over the past few years many people have been hesitant about the idea of using infrared grills to cook their food. The same fear over the use of micro-waves and a list of other appliances is the fear that has crippled thousands from using infrared grills to have a barbecue. At first, there was a fear that using it could lead to cancer and a list of other problems. Other resistance sprang from an inaccurate belief that the intense heat would burn food and dry-out flavor – exactly the opposite feature of an infrared cooking system. However, millions of American homes have a micro-wave and other appliances originally condemned as deadly elements to the human race.

The original TEC patent over infrared burners has expired so more and more people are able to afford an infrared grill without breaking the bank for a lofty $4,000 to get one. Now it is possible to have one at a cost of $400 or even less, although the manufacturing quality of these barbeque grills is not the same high standard as the more expensive TEC, Solaire and Alfresco infrared grills.

The main benefit to people using an infrared grill over a conventional grill is: less fuel use, faster cooking time, better taste and simple cleaning. An infrared grill uses less fuel because it cooks faster and does not require the same amount of fuel as a gas barbeque to reach cooking temperatures. Once lit, an infrared burner will heat to over 1000 degrees in approximately three minutes. In the amount of time a traditional barbeque reaches normal cooking temperatures, with all three burners turned to “high” a single infrared gas grill burner can be done cooking several steaks, cleaned and cool enough to cover.

Many people also say that the food tastes a lot better due to direct, high heat temperature. An infrared burner is wide and rectangular so it also cooks the food uniformly with an even distribution of heat while locking in all the taste, seasons and natural flavor of the food. Not only faster but the taste of grilled steak, seafood, vegetables, burgers, etc. is amazing when seared and grilled so quick that moisture gets locked-in.

When it comes to cleaning and getting rid of drippings, infrared grills are also known to create less work due to the high temperatures that practically vaporize any mess in seconds. Infrared grills – and many other grills that will heat to over 800 degrees – use a concave designed cooking grate. The cooking grate allows juices that drip off food to get caught in the channel design. This moisture is vaporized back into the food instead of falling through to create flare-ups, uneven heating and grease fires. Because of the flavor-saving design, the cooking grates do get looking pretty greasy after every use but with 1400 degrees of direct heat blasting the grid, grease is easily scraped or brushed away with a typical grill brush.

Infrared gas grills are the best tasting, quickest, most efficient and easiest grills to own. I spent more on my infrared gas grill than on any other ten barbecues I owned before. It was worth every penny. I swell with pride when guests come to my hose and bite in to a steak, swordfish and even hamburgers and hot dogs. Everyone asks about the grill and thinks I have a connection to some “super” supermarket because of the flavor of the food produced by my gas grill. My grill sits out in the backyard; an outdoor kitchen with an infrared built-in BBQ grill we built. It is totally uncovered and the most cleaning I’ve ever done is scrape the grates after cooking. Even with my poor maintenance my infrared grill starts every time and cooks perfectly every time. not only installs infrared gas grills, we provide technical assistance and service for most brands of infrared gas grills in South Florida. We are also avid grillers who absolutely love the infrared technology for the flavor produced, ease of use and simple cleaning.

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