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Most black UGG boots run slightly larger than ur normal shoe size, usually a full size, because u wear them without socks because of the sheepskin lining The Frye Boot Company was founded in 1863. It is one of the oldest working shoe companies right now. Frye boots outfitted soldiers in the American Civil War and the Spanish American War. They were a boot of function and utility. Today the idea remains the same, but now Frye boots have evolved into practical fashion footwear. From vintage designs, to country styles with an urban edge, all the way to louder, more adventurous styles, Frye boots have become a useful and fashion forward shoe since the mid 1800’s. In the following discussion, you will read about the more traditional styles all the way to the Avant-Garde trends that the Frye Company is producing. You will also read about the durability of the best boot to wear and even how to wear Frye boots.

One of Frye’s best selling boots is the rugged and simple, yet durable “Engineer” boot, which comes in several editions. This model is tough and exudes a cross between a construction worker and someone who is on her way to a whole in the wall dive bar or a back alley club. It can be used for work and for play. The “Engineer” is the quintessence of a hard-wearing, long-lasting lifestyle with an incognito tip of the hat to fashion.

The next on trend boot model that Frye has come up with is their version of the combat boot. The Frye shoe company has a traditional combat boot that is punky, edgy and effortlessly chic. Then, they have also come out with models like the “Shirley,” which is a less severe, softer combat boot with a modern take and criss-cross straps. A second alternative version of the Frye combat boot is the “Rogan,” a tall lacey boot with bling made in two separate styles. This boot will definitely appeal to children of the 80’s.

As we talk deeper about the severe styles of Frye, notice that this company takes major fashion risks that exemplify the times. Take for instance the “Julia” grommet lace boots. This boot comes in a variety of colors with stand out borders and grommets. If the color palettes and excessive grommets aren’t enough, then you can purchase the “natural” and “cognac” models with the grand Frye insignia on them. These boots are loud and risky, but make a great fashion statement and are a nice shoe to represent our out of the box times.

Moving on to a more traditional shoe, Frye is making great updated versions of the loafers and oxfords these days. Frye has masterfully created a chunky oxford with tassles and loafers on a platform pump in rustic and weathered finishes. The color gives a vintage twist to a remodernization of classic shoes.

Another mainstream shoe that Frye has created is the riding boot. Frye riding boots are sturdy enough to take on horseback and fashionable for a classic prepster to wear on a lunch date. Frye riding boots add refinement to a casual wardrobe and, if need be, are as tough as nails.

My favorite shoes from this company are the Cowboy boots. Frye takes a country idea and entwines it with a city feel. That is why I can take my vintage finished Frye cowboy boots and wear them with cut off shorts and frilly skirts for a sweet, innocent, country girl feel or I can wear them with leggings and skinny jeans for a city girl, out on the town moment.

As mentioned, there are so many stylish models of Frye boots that you can wear them almost anyway you want. Wear the “Engineer” boot paired with skinny jeans and a slouchy top, voluminous straight hair and chain earrings, and you’ll play right into that tough girl niche. Take Frye combat boots with black leggings, a leather vest and steamy eye makeup and, you’ll become a daring punk rocker. If you’re adventurous, try on a style like the “Julia” grommet boot and pair it with bright, high-waisted shorts and a fitted tank. You’re sure to be sexy, stand out in a crowd and ever so trendy. Take the loafers and oxfords to work and shopping with trouser bottoms and a printed top-it’s just a nice throw back to the 60’s and 70’s. Don’t forget to couple the riding boots with a striped cardigan, skinny jeans and a structured messenger bag for the ultimate prepster look. Finally, pair Frye cowboy boots with a printed girly dress, a cocktail dress you want to style down, a frilly skirt for thrills, skinny jeans and leggings for a sexy look and just about anything else.

The Frye boot company has been around a long time. In the beginning they outfitted men for battle, now Frye has evolved into a fashion forward company that creates long lasting, functional, beautiful footwear for everyone. You can take Frye on a rugged camping trip or for a night out on the town with many styles to choose from. Better yet, you will look great doing either when you’re wearing a pair of Frye boots.

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