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During our Pilates Instructor course you’ll learn how to programme and deliver your own safe and effective Pilates classes. Pilates work several muscle groups simultaneously through smooth continuous motion with a particular concentration on strengthening and stabilizing the core. When you get started with Pilates method there will be an improvement in your posture and flexibility and it enhances your daily functionality.

The ideology behind Pilates fitness equipment is as unique and brilliant as when it was developed. The use of this equipment in exercise has remained very similar. Pilates exercise can be performed in various ways. Many fitness equipment are available. There are some specialized Pilates equipment like reformer, resistance bands, Cadillac, Barrel, chair and props which adds a new level of interest and intensity to the Pilate method. The classic circle and spine supporter offer support and resistance with a variety of exercises for the total body.

The Pilates fitness equipments are:

1. Pilates Reformer: It helps one establish torso stability and postural alignment while working peripheral limbs in a range of motion. It has a sophisticated system of springs, straps and pulleys with which more than 100 exercises can be performed. A versatile apparatus makes for an effective, no impact stretching and toning workout that is friendly to the joints.

2. The Resistance Band: It is also known as Flex band or Thera band is a stretchy strip of latex. It functions to add an element of light resistance to a workout. It is also used in other fitness disciplines and rehabilitation techniques. It lengthens major muscles, improves flexibility, enhances joint mobility and sculpts a strong, streamlined physique. It can be used from ankle to wrist. It is economical and portable.

3. The Cadillac: Over 80 different exercises can be performed on this piece of equipment ranging from gentle spring assisted sit-up to advanced acrobatics. There is something for all. It was originally designed to rehabilitee bedridden patients. It is raised table top surrounded by a four poster frame on which bars, straps, springs and levers are fixed. It contains various adjustable parts. It challenges the core abdominal muscles, develops spinal flexibility works the shoulder girdles strengthens the back and stretches the total body.

4. Pilates Barrels: they are lightweight and portable. They are great complement to a mat workout or circuit session. They are great rehabilitative tools. They are an upholstered curved surface that helps support the back and shoulders and open up neck, hips and thighs depending on your usage.

5. Pilates chair: It is also known as Wunda chair or stability chair is versatile exercise machine. Adjustable spring resistance is the key to challenge with this specialized piece of fitness equipment. The apparatus activities the lower back, buttocks, shoulders transverses pelvic and abdominal region and heightens neuromuscular coordination. It is effective for stretching and rebalancing muscles that have been strained or injured.

6. Pilates ball: They are super innovation for muscle training since the wrist remains stable thanks to the weight concentrated in the hand. It is easier to grip and hold than other weights and comfortable too. The finger muscles are strengthened at the same time.

7. Pilates Circle: You can use the circle standing, sitting or lying down on your front, back or side. There are padded cushions on the inside and outside of the circle. It helps to tone the upper arms, activate the inner and outer thighs, engage the chest, develop neuromuscular coordination and mind body connection.

8. Spine supporter: It supports the spine while performing Pilates exercises. It is also called C- shaper for its half- moon form and it is barrel in reverse. It helps abdominal, lumbar and pelvic work while reducing neck and shoulder strain. It is effective for exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation, very useful and effective for pregnant and post- partum student.

9. Pilates Trapeze tables, half trapeze and towers: this combination offers the best choice for spring- assisted, integrated workout. It is versatile equipment, which supports many exercises.

There are several reputable Pilates equipment manufacturers around the world today, including Balanced body, Gratz Pilates, Peak Pilates and Stott Pilates.

The Pilates fitness equipment has revolutionized the fitness world. With modern changes to original equipment, they are economical, durable and safer. The fitness equipment has modernized with the advancement of science over the years and they are shaped to fit human body. This equipment combined with focused breathing patterns has proven invaluable not only to fitness world, but is also an important adjunct to healthy living.

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