Reasons To Have A Company Picnic


Bring up the idea of hosting a company picnic, and see how much resistance an organization is likely to put up. A good number of companies think that taking their employees on a picnic is a waste of time or energy, or a misuse of the budget, or even both. This is understandable, considering that many businesses are barely making substantial profits following the recent recession and slow economic growth. Employee perks are usually the first to be cut in the budget in order to boost margins, but this is a rather shortsighted action that completely misses the point. In fact, company picnics are extremely valuable tools for organizations of all kinds for the following reasons:

1. Teamwork, interaction, and building camaraderie

Employees do not always get the opportunity to interact at the workplace, perhaps because of the pile of work that needs to be done. Picnics provide an opportunity for employees to bond with each other and with their bosses by participating in games and activities that promote team building. You may think of team building as a cliché, but it is actually the key to an organization’s success. Well organized corporate events establish a fun atmosphere that enables employees and their bosses to interact freely in a neutral environment. Ultimately, this interaction allows them to learn about the kinds of people they are working with, and identify the right and proper way to approach and deal with them.

2. Build loyalty and mutual commitment

Organizing corporate events provides employees and their families with proof that the company is loyal and committed to their employees. In such times when economic growth is sluggish, organizations are forced to push their employees to work harder. This may cause employees to cut back, but by recognizing their efforts and rewarding them for their hard work, they feel appreciated, rejuvenated, and motivated to keep giving their best to the organization. People respond positively to appreciation, and tend to give more back to establish a mutually rewarding environment.

3. Stress reduction

This is an extremely important reason why companies should invest in company picnics. Corporate events help to reduce stress for both management and employees, and prepare them to face the following months of hard work with renewed strength for ultimate efficiency and excellence.

4. Morale

Employees tend to lose interest in their jobs when they are not given other incentives, besides the logical argument that their hard work will be rewarded with more money. While increases in pay will keep employees working for the organization, organizing recreational events like company picnics will reassure them that the company has a lot more to offer than serious business. Such events can even stimulate them to work harder and more efficiently in anticipation of the next corporate event.

All in all, company picnics make for better and more efficient employees. A company that cannot be insightful enough to offer its employees various kinds of recreational opportunities, at least once a year, may end up with a fraction of its personnel feeling beleaguered and possibly losing interest in the work altogether. It is important to note that these picnics are not just mere excuses for spending money on something grand. The company picnic does not need to be grand, as long as it makes the employees and management feel appreciated for their hard work and sacrifices.

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