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The country of Switzerland is blessed with beautiful mountain scenery thanks to the Swiss Alps. The Swiss Alps provide top quality snow-covered slopes good for snowboarding the whole year round and breathtakingly awesome scenery worthy of a postcard. You will not be disappointed taking your vacation to the Alps Mountains Region particularly the Swiss Alps for within its ski resort villages are hidden gems waiting to be discovered by visitors like you.

And the great thing is that most Swiss Alps resorts can be accessed by train or bus from Zurich and other major cities in Switzerland and other neighboring countries such as Italy and Germany. For tourist who aims to explore and enjoy the Alps Mountains, then a train ride via the popular Glacier Express is among the many wonderful things to start off your Swiss Alps vacation.

Choosing among the world-class Swiss Ski Resorts is also exciting in itself as each Swiss Alps hotels and resorts offers different amenities and total experience for the guests. Some Swiss Ski Resorts are very modern, with all the new age amenities that you can think off, while some still retains its old ways and traditions. But when it comes to service all these Swiss Ski Resorts and Alps Hotels offers top-notch and excellent service that the Swiss are known for.

Experience real pampering from the staff of Swiss Ski Resorts, you can also avail any of the numerous tour packages to explore the Alps Mountains that are being offered by most resorts.

There are Swiss Ski Resorts that will fit your budget no matter what it is because Swiss Alps resorts and hotels can range from the grandest of hotels, to the more traditional huts and chalets. These resorts, hotels and other lodging can even accommodate group travelers and local and foreign backpackers.

The most popular Swiss Alps resort and ski area is the village of Zermatt. It is a car-free village that still retains some of the old Swiss traditions as well as many of the old Swiss houses and buildings. The Swiss Alps resort of Zermatt lies at the base of the Matterhorn, the most recognized peak in the Swiss Alps. Skiing in Zermatt is possible 12 months of the year, especially in the Klein Matterhorn ski area. And there are many Swiss Ski Resorts to choose from when you want to stay in Zermatt.

Another popular Swiss Ski resort town that you may want to consider is Interlaken. Interlaken is located in the southeast portion of Bern. Just like in Zermatt, Swiss Alps ski and snowboarding in Interlaken is possible anytime of the year. The town is also known for the 2 beautiful lakes, the Lake Breinz in the East and the Lake Thun in the West. There are more than 40 Alps Hotels that can accommodate more than 4500 tourists in any given time in the town of Interlaken so you will not have a problem finding a wonderful accommodation.

Grindelwald on the other hand is the most popular and largest Swiss Alps Resort town in the Jungfrau Region. This Swiss resort town offers more than 50 pistes and about 213 kilometers of snow-covered ski runs. Aside from skiing, Grindenwald is also famous to many mountaineers for it serves as a base camp for those who want to reach the peaks of Mannlichen and Klein Scheidegg. Explore our website to check on the beautiful Alps hotels and Swiss Ski Resorts available in the area of Grindelwald.

Another popular Swiss Alps resort village in the Jungfrau Region is Murren. Unlike Grindelwald, Murren has a more traditional atmosphere and is car free just like Zermatt. Murren is also very accessible, making it a favorite Swiss Alps resort destination for weekend tourists. Three airports are just a 2 hour drive, while the Bern Airport is just an hour away by car or bus. The ski area in Murren has 22 piste and 12 ski lifts that serves snow sports enthusiasts the whole year round. Finding a hotel or a resort to book and stay in Murren is as easy as checking our website to compare all the available Swiss Ski Resorts amenities and prices in this picturesque town.

For those who want a warmer Swiss Alps vacation, you might want to go out and visit the city of Lugano near the Italian border. It is a famous hang out for the rich and famous, thus earning the title “Monte Carlo of Switzerland”. The city lies at the edge of Lake Lugano, a popular site for water sport and other outdoor activities. But don’t be intimidated with the opulence because you can find affordable Alps Hotels in Lugano area too!

There are absolutely so many beautiful towns and cities around the Swiss Alps, if the above recommendations are not enough and you are looking for more, you can also check out the beautiful and popular lakeside Swiss Alps resort in Montreux or just head out to the town of Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland Region.

And remember that finding your perfect Swiss Ski Resorts and Alps Hotels is as easy as checking and comparing hotels and accommodations that you can find on our website. Book early to avail of awesome Swiss travel deals and see you soon in the Swiss Alps!

Experience Swiss Alps in Zermatt and try out Zermatt Ski and snow adventures on Matterhorn while staying in Zermatt Hotels.

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