Catering Ideas For The Amateur Party Host


Good news! ChilternsCatering features a number of catering company Sydney and wedding caterers. Catering an event or party is much like choosing the right purse to match your shoes. It’s all about accessorizing the right way to compliment your party with its food! The food portion of any celebration or event is the most crucial part of the gathering. It speaks to the character of the party and its host. Learning to catering creatively and efficiently is important to throw successful and memorable parties.

Creative Catering

Here are some popular ideas that I have seen for myself at many charity events, fundraisers, weddings, and even a few cookouts. They were fabulous ideas that were talked about for weeks after the get-together. The parties were enough proof to me that creativity and imagination can spice up any event, large or small!

Hands-On Food and Fun

At a cookout that I attended last spring, I was witness to a variety of activities that involved food as well. This, I thought, was an interesting way to incorporate fun and food together. First, there was a taffy pulling station that everyone could participate in. You could get a lesson straight from the taffy maker, and then pull your own taffy! It was a great way to blend food and fun together in a way that both adults and children can enjoy. This was certainly a treat, especially because we were able to take home a bag of homemade taffy with us! The taffy pull station was a great success because it was fun, food, and a party favor all in one.

Cocktail Bars

Another first-hand example of how creative catering lights up an event, would be a charity fundraiser I went to for Muscular Dystrophy. Obviously the theme of the event was to raise money, mostly through a silent and live auction, for funds to support the treatment and research of the said disorder. At this event, the food was catered with typical banquet food, filet mignon, grilled asparagus, green salad, and soup. This was not the creative part, but still very enjoyable. The fun and memorable catering concept incorporated into the event was the cocktail bar!

The pre-dinner drinks are important to any event, with the hope that more libations leads to more buyers. The cocktail stations at these types of events are pretty standard, with wine, beer, and a selection of liquors. This cocktail station was anything but standard! There was no bartender in site; instead, the hosts hired a team of “mixologists”. Yes, this was new term for me as well, so I’ll explain. A mixologist is a specialized bartender. They use science and chemistry to create magnificent cocktails and beverages that a person would not typically see in a regular restaurant or bar.

Memorable Drinks

The first interesting concoction I had to try was the smoking martini. I call it the smoking martini because I cannot remember the clever name they called it, but it was a pink martini that had a layer of “smoke” on top! This was the coolest drink I’ve ever seen. Apparently the mixologist used something similar to dry ice to create the effect. Either way, this was something I talked about for weeks after!

Another creative drink featured at the cocktail station was served in a shot glass, topped with real flames! There were so many more, some with amazingly carved garnishes, candy, and fresh squeezed and exotic juices. Cocktails containing antioxidants, sleep remedies, healthy skin promoters, and more were other interesting mixes created by this team of mixologists.

These were just a few examples of how creative catering can generously compliment any event, formal or informal. A catering company can offer advice, ideas, and resources to create these fun and exciting spreads. A professional caterer is the number one resource to successful catering.